Anatomy of a banquette

Anatomy of a banquette

  • Removable seat allows ease of re-upholstery.

  • Back pitch and seat depth can be specified to meet specific applications and price points.

  • Multi-functional banquettes can be designed for both Hospitality and Contract environments.

  • Foams used in fabrication pass: CAL 117-2013.

  • TB-133 compliant is available upon request.

  • LEED compliant materials available upon request.

  • Shop drawings are submitted by ShEMOI design/ engineering staff for final approval before fabrication commences.  

Banquette Line Drawing


Banquette seating is perfect for intimate dining in restaurants, but it also lends itself to the domestic environment.

Ideal for small spaces the built in banquette is often structured along or around a wall, this enables restaurants to have more room, which often a set of tables and chairs does not allow. Perfect for intimate dining, banquettes come in all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.



Popular in restaurants, creating an intimate ambience for guests as it gives an element of privacy. Efficient space utilisation for groups.

Booth seating is best used in a commercial setting, great for clubs as it is used often in VIP areas, but also in bars and restaurants so that your customers can have a private dinner or drink.



Designed for sophisticated yet informal settings in clubs and bars.

Poseur seating is targeted at adult environments.

Poseur seating derives it name from the height of the seats themselves, used to accommodate poseur tables so that whether you’re standing or sitting you are all at eye level.

The description of the word poseur is 'a person who behaves affectedly in order to impress others' this is a great way of describing our seating as it does exactly that, impresses others.

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End Panel Styles

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Seat Styles

seat styles

Kickbase and Leg Styles

Kickbase and Leg Styles


Banquette and Booth Seating | Layouts

Banquette and Booth Seating | Layouts